Why choose Refill&co?

Wide variety of quality eco-friendly products promoting health and well-being

Refill &co is an innovative idea that slowly germinated and gained momentum. The concept is the creation of Martin Haines, a seasoned entrepreneur, and Pénélope Desjardins, passionate about exciting projects and fervent enemy of waste. The project began to take shape when Martin acquired a company with exclusive distribution rights for dozens of ecological and biotechnological cleaning products. This company is aimed more at industrial and commercial customers. By dint of using these new products, the two entrepreneurs quickly realize that they are not good for the environment; they are extremely effective. No wonder, since cleaners replace chemicals that are harmful to everyone’s health with biotechnological agents that directly attack dirt. It was obvious that these products had to be made available to the general public!

After many hours of research and preparation, the team observed that there was a dire shortage of quality eco-friendly products in La Prairie and surrounding areas. Seeing a growing interest in these products, a gradual change in consumption habits and people’s values, the eco-responsible grocery store Refill &co was born. With its clean and bright concept, Refill &co is your destination for all your eco-responsible and zero waste products. No waste, no compromise. In addition, an organic food section is also available to you as well as natural cosmetics. We are in development mode and will reveal more surprises to you soon!

“With its clean and bright concept, Refill & co is your destination for all your eco-responsible and zero waste products. No waste, no compromise.”

Mission :
The mission of the Refill &co store is to offer a variety of quality eco-friendly products, tasty, tasty and organic foods promoting the health and well-being of all. Several options are available: organic bulk foods, high-performance biotechnological cleaners, natural cosmetics, reusable containers and accessories and local products.

Values, vision :
Refill &co wants to promote ecological and high-performance products to encourage the adoption of an eco-responsible lifestyle by all: regulars and curious. All this in order to reduce the ecological footprint of Quebecers. The store therefore wants to reach consumers who are concerned about their health and the environment, also wanting products that are pleasant to use, of quality and, above all, efficient. Refill &co is also proud to encourage local commerce by offering a variety of local products to its customers.

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