Make collecting organic food waste simple and stylish with this compost bin featuring an activated carbon filter.

44,99 $


A compost bin is a simple way to make an eco-friendly change in your home. Both stylish and practical, this vintage-inspired compost bin can be kept right on your kitchen counter. A replaceable activated carbon filter in the lid controls odors while a convenient carry handle makes it easy to carry your organic waste outside to add to your compost pile. Its large 1.25 gallon capacity holds plenty of peelings and the bin is made of rust-resistant steel for durability and long-lasting use.

Do your part to reduce waste by adding this compost bin to your kitchen routines. Whether you have your own compost pile or contribute to community or municipal collections, your food scraps can be turned into nutrient-rich soil that’s great for the environment.

Size: 8.5 inches high, 1.25 gallons

Materials: steel with powder coating


Mottled White, Vintage, Grey, Green