The solid Gaspésienne beer shampoo is made in Quebec by the company Poussière d’Étoile. Thanks to malt, hops and beer yeast from La Gaspésienne (Pit Caribou microbrewery, Percé), this shampoo is very rich in active nutritious ingredients. Effective in eliminating toxins due to pollution, it protects and repairs the hair fibers by tightening the keratin scales and facilitates detangling to give fortified, supple hair with a beautiful shine.

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This shampoo, with a woody and captivating fragrance, is gentle on the hair while being zero waste, ecological and of natural origin (vegetable or mineral). In addition, its solid format makes it very practical for travel.

Benefits of its active ingredients for hair and scalp:

White clay: gently cleanses and leaves hair silky
Green clay: rich in minerals, highly absorbent, sebum-regulating, fights dandruff, purifies and rebalances the scalp while deeply cleansing
Ayurvedic Moringa powder: very rich in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, stimulates hair growth and strengthens it by giving it volume and lightness
Ayurvedic Neem powder: purifying, detoxifying and soothing, helps fight dandruff and relieves itchy scalp
Beer (brewer’s yeast): hydrates and strengthens hair and ends, reduces hair loss, makes hair soft and shiny
Apple cider vinegar: rich in minerals, revitalizes and restores shine to dull hair
Coconut oil: with its high content of vitamins and minerals, protects, softens and softens
Shea butter: rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, repairs, regenerates and deeply nourishes the hair fiber
Hemp oil: rich in omega-6 and omega-3, revitalizes, nourishes and softens
Castor oil: strengthens, stimulates and nourishes the hair, hydrates and invigorates the scalp

Ayurvedic powder from Reetha (soap nuts): with its gentle foaming power, cleans and beautifies;
Vegetable glycerin (not from palm oil): moisturizing and humectant therefore maintains and retains moisture
Balsam fir essential oil: tones and purifies
Woody fragrance: for its captivating smell
The chosen surfactants are very mild, biodegradable and approved for natural cosmetics. Derived from the fatty acids of coconut oil (sodium cocoyl isethionate) or coconut (coco-betaine), they give a creamy lather that does not dry out the hair or the scalp.

Instructions for use – Gently rub the shampoo bar on your wet hair to make it lather. Massage into the hair and scalp as with a classic shampoo then rinse well.

Always allow solid shampoo to air dry. Concentrated and economical, each 90 g bar allows approximately 60 to 70 shampoos.

To maximize results, we suggest using one of our conditioners.

Size: 90g

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