Les Déchevelés dry shampoo is a great volumizer for all hair types and colors. This is THE troubleshooting solution to keep hair clean without getting it wet. It is made with vegan, biodegradable ingredients and no added fragrance. The dry shampoo comes with a compact, refillable pump that sprays powder without the mess.

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Les Déchevelés dry shampoo is THE emergency solution for keeping hair clean without wetting it and thus reducing the frequency of “real” shampoos. Composed of natural powders with different properties and responsible for absorbing sebum, it can also be used to volumize your hair and give texture to fine hair.

Finally, Les Déchevelés is above all a Montreal brand concerned with offering a product in accordance with its environmental values ​​and adapted to the hectic lives of active people. A dry shampoo good for the earth, the head and the morale.

DIRECTIONS: Spray and let the product absorb the sebum for a few minutes, then comb your hair using your hands or a brush to remove the excess.

Suitable for all hair types and colors – Biodegradable – No added fragrance – Vegan – Refillable pump – Made in Montreal

INGREDIENTS: Maranta arundinacea – Moroccan lava clay – Sodium bicarbonate – Theobroma cacao

INSTRUCTIONS FOR REFILLING THE PUMP: With a spoon, pour the dry shampoo into the bottle using a funnel – To ensure that the pump mechanism works properly, fill three quarters – Close and shake the pump before use


Pump with shampoo, Refill