The kitchen soap from the Savonnerie des diligences is a kitchen soap with a lemon scent. Made with espresso and fair trade ground coffee, Le Marmiton soap will help you get rid of stubborn food odors.

6,99 $

Product number : 85767500121

This lemon-scented kitchen soap, made with espresso and fair-trade ground coffee, will help you get rid of stubborn food odors (garlic, fish, onions, hot peppers, etc.). Lemon, an essential oil with antibacterial properties, leaves a sweet and fresh scent on your hands. Among our exfoliators for the body, it has no place! Le Marmiton’s soap is frequently used to brazenly exfoliate cellulite, removing dead skin from your body.

A 100% natural olive oil soap handcrafted in Quebec.

Ingredients: Oils (olive, organic coconut, beeswax), water, sodium hydroxide, fair trade ground coffee, lemon essential oil. Ingredients / INCI: Oils / Olus (olive / Oleum, Organic coconut / Cocos Nucifera, beeswax / Cera Alba), water / Aqua, sodium hydroxide, Fairtrade Ground coffee / Coffee, Lemon / Citrus Limonium EO.


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